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Kinly Beauty Clinic is made up of a team of specialist medical staff, including a licensed nurse and doctor, who perform a host of cosmetic procedures. Clients can target eye bags removal and various blemishes with non-surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery day procedures are also available. Additionally, customers can speak to the medical team during a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment is right for them.






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If you are looking for skin care and cosmetic surgery treatments or any of our other treatment options, be sure to book a complimentary consultation with our friendly staff. Give us a call to book your appointment today! Rest assured that you will be in good hands when you choose Kinly Beauty Australia.


Nicole Sun ( Senior consultant)


A winner of numerous awards including “China and South Korea semi-permanent champion” as well as “2016 medical makeup adademy special art award” by China Beauty Association, this is an accomplished professional.  After years of practicing, Nicole Sun believes fully in her products and will vouch for them based on her own personal experience with the products.  Due to her professional standing, she has lectured at the FYZ International Beauty Academy for semi-permanent and she is the Kinly lecturer on semi-permanent treatments.  She has served on many boards and worked on many projects with her prestige.  She brings a lot to the team, and has earned her spot.

Sandy Xia

Sandy Xia ( Senior consultant)


Another senior consultant, Sandy is more hands on with her care of customers.  She was educated through Singapore Aesthetic Education and also was able to participate in the Sino-Korean semi-permanent pattern embroidery contest which won her excellent overall results.  She uses that experience to best take care of her clients by analyzing different skin types and offering tailored recommendations to each client she serves.

Connie Shen (Senior consultant)


Another senior consultant with Kinley, Connie prides herself in putting together a serious and in-depth understanding of facial aesthetics as well as anatomy.  This helps her to see, in detail, the procedures that are best recommended and will give high quality results to all those who are looking to get the best offered to them.


Senny Shi (Injectable Nurse)


One of the injection nurses at Kinly, Senny has a Bachelor of Nursing degree and is currently a register nurse.  She is all about staying professional and making sure that each client is taken care of properly in terms of cosmetic and practical needs.  She has a lot of experience in the nursing world and she has had a lot of praise from those that she has worked with for obvious reasons.