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Double Eyelid Surgery


Are your eyes appearing so tired, worried, or sad? It may be because of your upper eyelids. Upper eyelids become puffy and droopy as we age. This makes a person look older, though some women would have to hide it through their makeup. And that is temporary. If you want something permanent, then try the double eyelid surgery.

This treatment is commonly known as double eyelid treatment or blepharoplasty. This treatment can correct upper eyelid problems and can bring back the wonderful shape of eyelid which can make you feeling fresh and young looking.

Kinly beauty has oculoplastic surgeons, certified ophthalmologists, or eye doctors. These doctors had undergone intensive medical trainings in eye and face plastic surgeries. They have committed to teach cosmetic surgical techniques to doctors all over the world. They have extended their help to millions of patients in rejuvenating their looks with eyelid surgery particularly in Sydney, Australia and abroad.



How is doubled eyelid surgery performed?
Double eyelid surgery proceeds with the placement of a fold which is somehow parallel to the lash line of the upper eyelid. During the procedure, a little amount of fat may be eliminated to create the fold. Afterwards, the new fold will be stitched up into the eyelid and will permanently become eyelid’s part.
The surgical process performs with a local anesthesia for the patients to stay awake and will be able to hold the eyelid. Moreover, a sedative will be tendered to comfort the patient in the whole procedure. The process will take two hours to finish.

In fact, there are two techniques in performing Asian eyelid surgery. These are open method and suture method. The former is a method that can be performed to individuals with excess thick skin and muscles. And the latter is utilized to individuals with thin skin and eyelids.



Which Method is Best Recommended for me?

It matters the age, skin type and fats to determine what method is best for you. You can consult your doctor about it. It is important that you know the right method for you. This is to expect the best result for you. You can give a ring today and free consultation is to be given. Kinly Beauty is always ready to help you achieve your best look.

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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

With vast experience with Asian double eyelid surgery, Kinly Beauty performs precise and subtle surgery in 2 techniques: open method and suture method.

open method

Open method

The open method is performed in individuals with thick excess skin and with thick muscles.


suture method

Suture method

The suture method is employed in individuals with thin skin and thin eyelids that fold in a spontaneous manner.


double eyelid surgery
double eyelid surgery
double eyelid surgery 2

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