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Non-surgery Eyelid lifting


To help you on your way to finding a better way to accentuate your eyes without compromising anything in surgery, there is the option of Kinly Eyelid lifting procedures.  This will help give a younger look to your eyes, and you will be able to say goodbye to puffy eyelids that make you look older than you actually are.  You will also be able to get rid of hooded eyes from having excess skin on the upper lid, and droopy eyelids that are formed from excess amounts of skin on the lower lid.



How it works:

When you’re looking at the surgery for both upper and lower lids, you’ll be able to remove the excess skin that is overstretched on the eyelid on top, and remove the excess fat from the lower lid at the exact same time to give you  the best results.



Ten-Minute Eyelift


If you prefer quick and easy, then the Ten-Minute eyelift is for you. This non-surgical lift treatment takes about ten to fifteen minutes. This treatment utilizes radio frequency to correct drooping and sagging eyelids. This procedure is best when you opt to choose the best surgeon in town. This process needs a skin care specialist. The process will start on marking the hooded area in the upper lids to make targets. Then, applying a little amount of gliding gel to the area would make the treatment ready. The radiofrequency is used to release energy make sagging skin to contract and do the true eyelift.

Undergoing into this procedure will allow you to go back to your regular routine at once; though it needs some precautionary actions to maintain the treated areas safe. Ointment can be used to soothe the treated area. In a just a week, lines from the procedures will banish.  However, if you are prone to infections that may affect the eyes, then you may choose another process.



Fractional Laser Eye Lifts


Another option that you may consider in non-surgical eyelift is the fractional laser eyelifts. Aside from treating sagging skin, this treatment has been found to have more benefits. This treatment can treat lines and some textural problems around the eye like the damage from the sun. In this process, your eyelids will numb with topical anesthesia, and then, a laser will be used. Before doing so, the retinas of the eyes will be protected with a small plastic designed to do the functions. After that, a laser will be used to target the skin around the eyes creating thermal lesions. This results into repairing and renewing the skin around the eyes. At the same time, the laser’s energy can stimulate collagen to naturally tighten the skin.  After the treatment, you may see redness and irritations, but it would be removed within 24 hours.

puffy eyes

Puffy Eyes

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Hooded Eyes

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Droopy Eyes

Kinly Eyelid Lifting Treatment

eyelid lifting

Before Treatment

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After Double Eyelid Treatment

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After Double Eyelid Treatment

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Why Kinly?


Sure, you’re liking what you see, but why Kinly?  We are the professionals who are looking forward to helping you see that professionalism goes a long way to giving you proper care both during and after the surgery.




After treatment:


Sometimes mild bruising and swelling occur after the surgery, but this will go away after only a few days to leave you free to enjoy your new and enhanced look.



Options include:


eyelid lifting

Upper eyelash lifting and double eyelids lifting



eyelid lifting 2

Concave double eyelid removal



eyelid lifting

Upper Eyelids ptosis correction



eyelid lifting

Sagging eyes lifting



eyelid lifting 4

Double eyelids lifting



eyelid lifting

Upper eyelid fat removal

Non-Surgical Eyelid Lifting – tailored to your needs

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