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Non-surgical double eyelid treatment


If your eyes look smaller and tired, you might want to consider the idea of non-surgical treatment for both of your eyelids.  This kind of procedure will use lasers to eliminate the creases on the muscles that are there and responsible for creating double eyelids.  These deep lines are hard to get, which is why a laser will be necessary to take care of it properly.



double eyelid surgery



Benefits of this kind of treatment are that it is surgery-free and that you won’t have scars or recovery time.  This is done in a outpatient atmosphere and the quick healing period will greatly impress you.

The biggest side effects are in the swelling and healing process.  It is short, but in some patients it can be longer and take more effort and time for it to heal properly.  Great results are popular in this kind of treatment.


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double eyelid surgery

Catgut embedding double eyelid surgery


double eyelid surgery 2

Double eyelid surgery around outer corners of eyes


double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery around inner corners of eyes


double eyelid surgery

Fat removal double eyelid surgery


double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery


kinly non-surgery eyelid

Kinly non-surgery eyelid treatment

Non-surgical double eyelid treatment – tailored to your needs

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