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German 6D Semi-Permanent Makeup

If you are someone who has to spend hours applying makeup each day just to get the decent thickness in eyebrows or perfectly touched up eyes, you may want to consider semi-permanent makeup as a great alternative.


This is a way to wake up and go to bed feeling and looking your best, and you’ll never have to worry about makeup remover again, which is a huge plus.  You will be able to look great in the pool, at the gym, or dancing in the rain.  It’s all possible with the right tools.


Benefits of semi-permanent makeup include lack of scarring from the procedure, the use of all natural, high quality German-made pigments.  The colouring from this kind of procedure will fade out after about 3 years and you will be able to find relief in knowing that your body will be free of any hazardous materials that are often found in permanent makeup.  The 6D approach is used to work exclusively on the eyebrow makeup for a better overall look and feel.


In this package, you’ll have your eyebrows, eyeline, lips, forehead, hairline and eyelashes looked after to give you a great overall look and feel that makes you proud to look in the mirror each day.


If you’re wondering what the difference is between semi-permanent and permanent makeup, you aren’t alone.  Here it is for you to take a look at side by side:




Permanent Makeup:


This is permanent, but often can turn blue, green or even orange du to iron-oxide that pigments after 6 months has passed.  This dye also contains a lot of heavy metals, leading to further problems down the line.




Semi-Permanent Makeup:


This lasts up to 3 years and will not change colour after 6 months.  You can choose from 50 colour options as well.  This is done with dyes from plants, so there will be no problems down the road with interactions with the body.




  • *Eyebrows start from $800
  • *Eyeliners start from $400

Price may vary depending on initial consultation

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semi permanent makeup




semi permanent makeup