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Golden Micro-Needle Fractional RF Treatment



To help you find your way to better,  younger skin, Micro-Needle Fractional RF is going to offer you the best technique.  This not-so-secret anti-aging process is all about tightening the skin and making it look younger than ever through targeted rejuvenation techniques.


This is done through targeting the skin on various levels with micro-needles that are going to be as minimally invasive as possible to keep comfort a priority.  This kind of treatment is great for minimizing pores, acne and scars, pigmentation problems, and even hyperhidrosis.





Micro-Needle Fractional RF Treatment

1) Micro-need lightly touches the skin
2) It permeates the skin with very little pain to the desired depth
3) Delivers the RF treatment
4) The RF treatment breaks down the tissue surrounding the micro-needle
5) Elasticity is prioritized and collagen is regenerated



Benefits to Golden RF Skin Needling


We get that this sounds a little extreme, especially if you are not someone who likes needles, but the results are going to be worth it, and there are all sorts of benefits to this kind of treatment.

  1. The RF is located properly: the treatment is accurate because it uses a depth between 0.5mm-2mm for its deposit, making it an accurate place to release the treatment for the best results
  2. Insulated micro-needles: At only 0.25mm in width, the needles are fully insulated so that the RF energy is fully controlled and concentrated on the right spot.  This means less damage with more results.
  3. Guaranteed results: You’ll get great results after taking this kind of treatment, through they will vary from person to person.  Results of a good variety are guaranteed.
  4. Cream after treatment: We will give you the perfect cream after the procedure so that you can enhance the results even more.
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Micro-Needle Fractional RF Treatment

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Micro-Needle Fractional RF Treatment 3

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