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LED Light Therapy Treatment

Seeking for, a breathtaking skin revival cure that is agony free and provides results? Red light therapy, blue light therapy, as well as infrared light treatment are used to make the inventive light therapy technique. The light technique is selected on account that it’s a leader in the business sector, an established equipment, and the only method accessible with 5 FDA authorizations to provide treatment to various skin disorders.

At Your Skin, several regions of the skin can be treated without a moment’s delay. Therefore, as the face is being treated, other areas like the décolletage, hands or neck could also be included in the session. It is always a delight being the number one treatment center to provide this system to the esteemed customers in Melbourne & Sydney.


LED Light therapy provides treatment to the following:

  • Skin restoration
  • Ageing, fatigue, and aggravated skin
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Decreasing stretch marks


An effective choice for curing acne and acne blemishing in adults and adolescents is the LED light treatment. The therapy provides great skin restoration results. Light therapy is practically the most efficient drug-free, non-prescription substitute that is accessible and is currently recognized as the prominent acne therapy in Australia.


The Light Technique permits for the treatment of multiple regions at once. It was greatly essential to discover a system which could treat several areas because some customers have been regularly seen with skin break out on their necks, face, backs, and chest. An individualized system can be conveyed for adult and teenage acne as well as treatment for blemishes caused by skin breakout.


After you allow your skin to be taken care of properly and give you a soothing and youthful look after the fact.  There are three kinds of LED light used to make sure that you get what you’re looking for: red, yellow and blue light.


LED light therapy treatment



Red light:


This is used to accelerate recovery from treatment and helps reduce the swelling.  In turn, this will repair skin, reduce fine lines and help keep your skin smooth to the touch.



Yellow light:


focus on the nervous system that will adjust the muscles to help the fine lines die out.  Your circulation will be improved for younger and healthier skin.



Blue light:


The most popular option, this is to remove bacteria responsible for skin death.  This also reduces aging and dark spots that are so common as we get older.  This is the most popular for a reason!







LED light therapy

Red light therapy treatment for wrinkle removal 


LED light therapy

Blue light therapy treatment for acne 


LED light therapy

Red + Yellow light therapy