skin care


Skin treatments require the expertise of highly skilled beauty experts in a healthy environment, and at Kinly Beauty, only the best is offered. Our dermal clinician offers personalized consultations, and each client has an opportunity to follow up after their treatment. The popularity of microdermabrasion has increased tremendously in the last decade especially in Melbourne where a majority of the clients demand perfect results from the skin regeneration techniques performed on them.

The most suitable definition for microdermabrasion is a technique to open up the skin’s pores using gentle methods that promote the renewal of cells. There are numerous systems each skin treatment clinics can use. The MiniVac system is favored by Totally Skin and Beauty. The clinic uses the method by combining vacuum suction with the use of contact with a diamond-coated head. This procedure helps to improve the body’s blood supply through an increase in microcirculation.

Microdermabrasion is famous for its non-invasive nature. In addition to this, the technique is known to work speedily and possess low downtime for patients suffering from skin disorders and conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, mild scarring, uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles, melasma, the impression of expanded pores, sun damaged skin, and moderate acne. Treatment plans will be arranged by our highly professional dermal specialists after a consultation is arranged. Even though microdermabrasion is known to give excellent results as a stand-alone therapy plan, it can be used alongside Chemical peels or LED treatment for improved skin health.




Deluxe Microdermabrasion

Most of our clients visit our clinics for the deluxe microdermabrasion as it is one of our outstanding treatment options. The treatment plan begins with relaxation in one of our modern treatment rooms. The first procedure involves a cleansing, enzymatic mask whose purpose is the break done of cellular debris alongside a scalp massage. Microdermabrasion is completed through a sweeping motion to the de collage, neck and face bringing on a result of exfoliation. Our dermal clinician goes on to perform one of the following procedures to improve one’s skin health; light-based treatment, extractions, massage or hydrating ampoules.

MiniVac Microdermabrasion is chosen for the benefits of exfoliation offered by the diamond component of the treatment. The entire process takes one hour and is conducted on the client’s neck, chest, and face. Depending on the client’s preference, other treatments like extractions of milia and blackheads, or a facial massage can be conducted. The dermal clinicians offer the treatment plan to patients with a desire for clear, softer, more radiant, and smoother skin as well as patients with numerous blackheads, a build-up of rough skin, dull skin, and congestion.