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Mini Facelift

A beautiful face can attract anyone. It is our market to the world. If you have a beautiful face, you are attractive. So maintaining freshness, young-looking, and glow of the face sometimes is our main reason why seek treatment naturally or technologically.
As we grow old, our skin becomes sagged, loosen, and dry. We can’t avoid it, but we can prevent from getting worse. There are advanced treatment nowadays that can satisfy you face enhancement need. And you may consider the facelift, or a mini facelift. You can try them.



What is mini facelift then?

Mini facelift is a process where the excess skin will be removed especially the sagged face and neck. It is the best option for those who have slight jowl and loosened cheeks and neck. It is less invasive than the fully deep face lift. In this procedure, the skin and facial muscles are being tightened particularly in the face and neck. The deep mini facelift on the other hand is a more complex process involving larger incision. Patients are allowed to repeat to procedure in the coming years if they desire to do so since it is hard to tell how long the enhancement will last. The main purpose of this procedure is to correct and treat laxity of skin. In fact, the procedure is not a total facelift and best recommended for younger patients who prefer procedure that is conservative. Most of the patients choose this procedure to just meet less lift procedure and less risk.

This mini facelift is performed either with local or general anesthesia. The procedure starts with an incision above the ear, going to the front ear. This will continue around the back ear into the hairline. Then, the skin is pushed off the face, pulled up and backwards and held into new position by sutures. To achieve the best result, sometimes the process of liposuction in the neck is performed. Other processes can be done like skin resurfacing or laser procedure at the same time.
Expert surgeons may tighten the neck line for a more jaw line definition. Some patients who underwent this procedure may go back to work after 48 hours. But some may need a longer rest to totally close and cure the incision.


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What do I expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, you are expected to carefully observe precautionary actions to avoid any infections or any unwanted circumstances. The bandage together with the drains is removed after a day. But a light chin-up bandage should be worn for the whole week.
During the facelift healing, the patients should allow enough time for the recovery. They may also suffer from some postoperative swelling. The best thing to do is to keep the head elevated and keep from moving to avoid more swelling. After a few days, most of the stiches will be removed. And you will see the best result after few months of recovery.