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Neck Lift

What does Necklift mean?

Neck lift also called platysmaplasty, is a surgical procedure done on the neck. As people age, fatty jowls and creases on the neck start appearing making one feel much older. Neck lift improves the neck’s appearance.
Neck lift surgery is performed either with a blend of a facelift and or liposuction. It can as well be carried out separately on its own. Since the procedure requires a general anesthetic, it can comfortably be done during the day.



neck lift



Why go for a Neck Lift?


  • To enhance the neck’s appearance
  • To create a more youthful neck.



As aging sets in, the first signs to be seen are sagging, folding and wrinkled skin. There are also changes in the skin color. Neck lift or platysmaplasty is the reconstruction of the neck muscles. It enhances the neck’s appearance by tightening the skin below the jaw-line and improves the jaw-lines contour.



At Kinly Beauty, we do offer a holistic approach to an old neck in conjunction with face-lifts. Our doctors can perform a fantastic job on the old neck through proper analysis of the volumes that need to be replaced while at the same time pulling gently specific areas.
In conjunction with neck lift surgery, we also fully support skin therapy.




neck lift



Are you for a facelift?


The ultimate result of a neck lift is to have the skin in the neck, and jaw-line tightened and is achieved through removal of excess fats and hardening of the connective tissue.


Issues that are important to discuss with your surgeon concerning you:

  • Type of skin
  • Structure of your bone, jaw, and neck.
  • Your medical history
  • Ethnic and family background
  • Degree of skin elasticity
  • Your healing capacity



Our beauty advisors will have one on one talk with you concerning the results of a neck lift. Though it cannot prevent aging or make you younger, it does improve your overall appearance giving you a healthier youthful look hence boosting one’s self-confidence.



Discussing with our beauty advisors in advance on whether the whole neck lift surgery will give better outcome with more changes such as brow or face-lift may as well result in patients benefitting from skin care as well as volume restoration.