skin care


Skin peels are a safe technique of rejuvenating and refreshing the skin, lightly getting rid of the layers of the dead skin cells while stimulating the creation of new cells. Kinly Beauty Clinic provides specialized peel bundles that cater for specific skin requirements.

A magnifying and Wood’s lamp is used by a skincare professional to analyses the skin after which appropriate and specialized peel is formulated and used on the therapy area. Since our skin peels are modelled to enhance quality of skin with high results and less downtime, the state of the skin being handled determines the number of treatments required.



They are a relaxing and regenerating skin treatment, tailored to your distinct skin condition based on an elaborate study of your skin. The skin undertakes a severe cleansing and exfoliation before a suitable mask is used. LED and microdermabrasion may then be carried out as add-on treatments.


skincare peel


Facial Indulgence


Our Facial indulgence is a luxurious therapy specifically tailored for your skin to show it the love it deserves.

A gentle cleansing and exfoliation saturated with native bamboo micro-polishing elements will lightly buff and soften the skin, leaving it renewed and revitalized. You are then coddled with a friendly and comforting facial massage, followed by an LED light treatment to smoothen and regenerate the skin. An EST silk mask profoundly moisturizes the skin, leaving you with a bright complexion. Believe us – your skin will reward you.



What is included in the facial indulgence:

  • Session of 70 minutes with a professional dermal clinician
  • LED light therapy treatment
  • EST Hydrating Silk Mask
  • Relaxation, pressure point and manual lymphatic drainage massage
  • Full skin examination with Woods and Magnifying Lamp
  • Gentle cleansing and micro-exfoliation with Bamboo Micropolish
  • Shoulder, neck or scalp massage
  • Nourishing serum, moisturizer, and protective SPF to finish the treatment