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Thread Lifting

With the technologies developing as they are, you’ll be able to use this kind of cosmetic technique to have a younger looking face and neck that will be better than any injection you’ll be looking at and considering. 




Why 3D lifting?


Sure, it’s a realistic question.  This technique isn’t just going to compress or elevate tissue, it will focusing on reshaping it and helping it look younger naturally.  You’ll be able to lift the skin on the face, breast, and behind.  You’ll have a younger shape on the chin and jaw line for a youthful look and feel.  You’ll have wrinkle removal and reduction and, lastly, the reduction of pores and reducing dark spots that appear on older skin.





How it works:


The threads will be placed under the skin in select spots so that the tissue will be supported and lifted accordingly.  Since nothing is cut or changed, there will be very little scarring from the procedure.  This minimally invasive surgery is often enhanced at first because the collagen will start to bunch up around the threads that are inserted, and you’ll look even better than you had originally thought you would.  This is great if you’re looking to minimize the look of aging.




Are you a good fit?


This is great for both men and women and it is recommended to those who are looking for an all natural and non-surgical option to the common facelift.  It is helpful specifically for:


  • Those who require mild to moderate lifting and elevation
  • Those with early jowel formation and sagging to the cheeks
  • Those who need a subtle brow lift
  • Those who require tightening of the neck area
  • Those who need to rejuvenate and revitalize their face and neck







thread lifting




thread lifting




thread lifting